Sunnyside- Up… the Road

I hopped out of bed with a nervous and excited smile this morning. I changed my clothes at least ten times, fumbled through my phone for a bus schedule, and checked and checked again the date and time of my guidance appointment at the Selandia Cooking School. Once I loaded up my backpack with the necessary paperwork I needed, I ran up the road to the bus stop, which is not too far from my apartment.  The ride took about 15 minutes and man, it was brutally hot.

In Denmark, it is very rare to find an A/C and even the idea of one on a bus, is an impossible concept. Summer weather in this country is not something to write home about. The heat usually lasts about a week in the total span of the whole season. So if it’s 25’C here, it’s a heat wave indeed.

As I made my way to the school building,  I could feel the nostalgic rush of when I started orientation in college over 20 years ago. It was a wonderful feeling of freedom and the novelty of having something new all for myself. My husband met me there on his bicycle, as “it was too nice outside” for him to sit on a bus (that’s another thing you will learn about the Danes and their relationship with nature and fitness, I will save that for another post). I had asked him to join me, in case I couldn’t understand any important information in the meeting. I am always in doubt of my danish comprehension skills and he helps to take the pressure off of me. It’s great to have a personal back-up.

We found our way to the floor of the Kokke- og Tjenerskolen and within two minutes my name was called. The meeting was to find out if I had any experience working in the food industry. Besides my own personal hobby, I have no expertise. This means I will go for the full year of grundforløbet, the basic requirement courses in the school. I will start from scratch. This is important for me as it will help with my danish vocabulary and metric system training.  We discussed my financials and if I will be approved for SU, this is a benefit from the government, that allows you to earn a small income while you are studying. I won’t know if I am eligible for another 3 weeks. Hopefully that goes smoothly or I will continue to work part time after school. In the conclusion of the appointment, the counselor, vejlederet, said I was to report to school at 8:15, on Monday morning for a welcome celebration, an introduction to the staff and other students, and a tour of the campus. We will have training classes with students from all the other fields for 2 weeks. During this time, I have a choice to switch my focus to another field if I wish. The fields are chef, baker, pastry chef, server, caterer and nutritionist.  I will also have to purchase my own chef uniform and book for the course, which will only run about 140 dollars. The picture below shows the uniform that I need and the others are of the school. 

All in all, today has been a fantastisk start to fulfilling my dream. I’ll be posting again next week. Thanks for stopping by.

school 2uniformschool 5


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